Kiss Crew


Lindzey – Morning Show Host – 6a-10a – Weekdays
Been in radio for over 13 years now. Born and raised in Chanute, KS but now live in Iola with my handsome husband and two adorable sons. No Pets. I love: music, concerts, weird tv shows like Dexter & Mad Men and even more disturbing reality TV Shows like the Real Housewives! I am also a major tabloid magazine junkie. I dislike: cooking, being put on the spot, waiting in lines, anything on the Syfy channel and anyone who wakes up my baby after just putting him down to sleep. One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen is KISS and one concert I would love to go to before they disband again is Aerosmith.


Kayli- Night Host Weekdays- 6p-10p/ Saturday 4p-8p

Attending Emporia State University to major in Communication with a minor in Spanish. Then moving on to Grad School to pursue a Masters degree in Sports Broadcasting. I love: Sports, music, coffee, and definitely prefer cats to dogs. I am well versed in sarcasm and I have 100% chance of tripping on flat surfaces. I’m fairly new to radio so I’m constantly learning new things, but it’s a fun & rewarding business to be a part of! I dislike: Tomatoes (even if they are taken off my sandwich the taste still lingers) scary movies, hearing people eat cereal, and I have an irrational fear of insects. My preferred genre of music is punk rock, the only concert I have ever been to was Blink 182 with the All American Rejects and A Day to Remember. I need to get out more.

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